Dedication and Commitment to Serve

L-R: Laura DeJong, Terry (Theresa) DeJong, Evan Printy, Dirk DeJong, Sonia Richardson

DeJong-Greaves Celebration of Life Centers is owned by husband and wife team, Dirk and Terry (Theresa) DeJong. Starting as DeJong’s Funeral Home in 1944 when it was opened by Dirk’s parents, Bill and Dorothy DeJong, it has been a family owned and operated business for over 70 years. Dirk and Terry have been integral parts of the business for over 40 of those years and owners since 1995. As full-time owners and funeral directors, Dirk and Terry are actively involved in all activities of the funeral home. They have dedicated their lives to serving the community in which they were raised and they raised their family. They have learned the joys and rewards of living a life serving their community.

We are proud to be a family owned and operated business. After all, family is very much the core of what this business is about. We are large enough to give the families we serve the same service as the largest funeral homes around, yet we are small enough that each family gets the level of attention and care they deserve. We are dedicated to the importance of family and community and feel we can serve both through the work we do. Our lives are dedicated to this service.